Your Plate is Full…so what?

Over the past several years, one thing I have learned is that in education, our plates aren’t just full for a minute, they STAY full. New initiatives, new personnel, new mandates. Couple that with ongoing expectations for timelines, observations, and timely responses to parents, our plates are FULL. Learning to compartmentalize and prioritize all of goals, strategies, and associated tasks allows us to make slow but steady progress each day. We must learn and accept that priorities must be kept in sync and that the work will be there when we return the next day. It is MUCH easier to type these words tonight than it is to follow them each day. I am an achiever, a do-er, a check the box off kind of gal. Working to keep that which is truly important in the grand scheme of life is an extremely challenging task for me. Please know that I admit that with a great deal of shame and reluctance, but it is truth. My lesson to my #savmp mentees? Stay focused on the RIGHT things in both work and personal worlds. Be sure that the sacrifices you make in your personal life are ones you will be able to live with in the future. Choose wisely and consider which space would be more easily replaced…yours at the dinner table or yours behind your desk?


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